My Hair Journey

But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given to her for a covering. 1 Corinthians 11:15

The Beginning Of My Hair Journey

Let me tell you, how it all started ………….( Well, It actually started in a dream, featuring me with nice long beautiful hair l0l)

I have always had “hair”…… nice looking hair that is…. from the age of 13 I started going to the hair dresser for my regular treatments that cost around £65 every weekend and boyyyyy did they sell me a fantasy !!

I use to ask the hair dresser “how long do I have to wait until my hair passes by my shoulders?” that was all I ever cared about (LENGTH!!!!).

The hair dresser would then reply ” In 3 years luv, but you have to make sure you come every week for your regular treatments”….. Imagine….. 3 years went by and my hair was still the same length ‘_ ‘ can you imagine my annoyance….. 

Well cutting that story short…. I was tired of her using her promotion strategies on me so that was the end of that hair-salon and I, but it was not the end of my hair dream.

3 years after:

I was 16…..I always styled my real hair for college… doing the odd weave once every 3 months, keeping it in for at least 3 weeks before taking it out.

The dream continued:

 I remember one Saturday I got up out of bed and went to the nearest hair shop….. I was in the shop for over an hour (this is normal) deciding which brand of hair products to buy…. at that time I thought if  you stick to one hair name brand that it increases the time it takes for hair to grow and my hair will magically turn Rapunzel over night.

 So I brought every single motions product that was on the shelf, just throwing these motions products in to my basket.

Once Satisfied …. I went to the till…. cashed up…. left the shop…. £100 down… all of this started from a dream you know lol !

 If you saw the look on my mothers face when I entered the house…. I made sure that I put the receipt in a bin outside….

my motions heaven !!!!



The Beginning of My Journey Pt 2

At this point I became my own hairdresser, I wanted to look after my hair myself, I lost all hope in hairdressers.

Well my hair did grow like 2 inches more….. then I started to be reckless with my hair care strategies …. I would relax the front of my hair every 2 weeks ( silly I know!!!) so that my hair looked slick for college and gel it on top…..  I eventually started to noticed that my hair growth was becoming uneven. One side was longer than the other, but it did not bother me at that time because it looked like a semi bob at times lol…. the only part that grew the most (at whatever rate that was) was the middle of my hair.

I would still get the usually ” you have nice hair” comment… but I noticed that something was wrong with my hair….. I did not know what at this point but I knew something wasn’t right.

 As months went by I started to realize that my hair was beginning to thin…. the side that I would usually gel started to really thin badly!

I was a bit scared at this point but it didn’t stop me from adding more gel to my sides.

I did become a bit lazy with my hair care after a while…. and just started to tie it up in one with as much gel as possible to make my hair look slick.

 Imagine how much stress I put my hair in…….. on top of the gel I would straighten my hair every single day! 


This was roughly the length of my hair in college.

One thing I always had was full hair, however it did get thinner but still looked full. 

The pictures doesn’t actually show the damage to my hair but believe me the back of my hair  started to fall out….. I got so stressed out that one day, I went to the bath room and cut the front of my hair …….. only God knows why I did that… but I just cut it and went back to my bed….. madness init.

At this point of madness, I gave up looking after my hair completely and started to do weaves!!! 

 It did me no good at all. All the hairdressers that I would go to would pull my hair, so I had a funny hair line, especially on the side that I always use to gel. Well at this point my hair was traumatised, however I did have one hairdresser that actually took care when doing my weaves!!! Her name was Kirby………. she is amazing!!!  

Her regular weaves somehow helped and grew my un- leveled hair back!!!!

 I wish I had a picture to show you, the damage my hair went through.. but I cant find one… so just believe me !!  However I managed to Get my hair back on point during 2011!! (my care after a year pic below)



So I was back at square one again…….

 I started to do my hair myself, including doing my own weaves, I wanted to take full ownership of my hair. And I did. I learnt how to do wig caps invisible parts, sew ins practically everything. Thanks to YOUTUBE…..THANK YOU!! (check out my designs page for images of my hairstyles I have done or click here to be directed to the page) 


My Previous Hair Regimen (Sept 12- March 13)


My previous hair regimen was not really structured. However I would do at least 3 treatments a month, clarifying my hair once a month, at least one protein treatment a month and a relaxer every 6-7 months.


What do you think? It was not actually the worse hair regimen but its was not the best.


However I changed all that, so that my hair can grow to its full potential. Studying hair and beauty during school you would at least expect me to be really dedicated to my hair knowing the damages that could be caused due to bad hair strategies.

I have had many phase’s when I turn all hair guru and then suddenly I lose all motivation 😦 




I have been looking at so many YouTube video’s of all these beautiful black girls with amazing,  long ,shiny healthy looking hair…….. and I am joining the club….. I have jumped back on my wagon on the road to Healthy Long Black Hair….. and this time I am sticking to it!!!

I have now clued myself up on what products I need to use on my hair…. I also assess how my hair is feeling and looking to determine my next hair step strategies. 
I will be sharing what products I use at the moment and what products I will be using in the near future so stay tuned  My Product List page!!

so let me show you my hair right now, I am happy at what length it has reached and by the ending of the year I do expect my hair to at least past my bra strap.


What I did different:

  • I minimized heat intake – During college I would straighten my hair everyday that has stopped. During 2012 I cut out straighteners completely and would only blow dry my hair like 5 times a month(after a wash or treatment) During 2013 I cut it down to 3 times a month. Heat can do some crazy damage to your hair, part of my problem throughout my hair journey was retaining length and now I know the cause of it….HEAT !! Now my hair has grown back longer and much fuller.
  • Devised a protective style – I stopped doing sew ins for about a year now just so that I can grow back my hair line and all the other weak areas at the front, my front hair is not bad.. but not great either( I will upload a pic of my hair line) . my other alternative was wig caps, I would make myself a wig cap and wear it anytime I go out, this allows me to do my weekly treatments on my hair and allows me to grease my scalp and moisturize and seal my hair every night. (its very important to look after new growth and the ends off your hair)
  • Every single shampoo that contained harsh sulfates/ harsh chemicals I got rid off completely. (hairs sulfates and chemicals strip your hair off its naturals oils)…. this is not good….. the only time I use a shampoo containing sulfates is when I need to clarify my hair, (whenever they is a build up of oils) and I do this once a month.
  • Did weekly deep conditioning treatments if not once a week every two weeks, did my protein treatments at least once a month- also I would listen to my hair if my hair shedded a bit too much I would add garlic to my conditioner and rub it in my scalp (Garlic helps decrease shedding, bare in mind that it is ok for your hair to shed, your hair sheds at least 80-100strands a day) 
  • Conditioned my ends with coconut oil
  • Wore a head scarf on my head (satin) before I slept – cotton pillow cases can also steal the moisture from your hair.

These changes actually helped my hair grow back healthier and also retained length…. however I’m switching it up to retain a lot more length … and to also gain much more fullness.

Read on Sugar !!


My ‘New’ Hair Care Regimen

I would like to shout out Hair.Lush.Chronicles by Nadege, I did buy her Building a Regimen Guide for only $3.oo which was very helpful, and easy too read , it was like 6 pages long. I do recommend it, her blog is tip/guide central, so do take a look at it if you have time. 

Just click her name and it should direct you to her page.

I Used the guide as a template to design my new hair care regimen.

My new hair care regimen is unique to my hair health at the moment, below outlines the procedure that I followed to create my new Hair regimen, everyone’s hair is different so the products that work for me may not work for you. 

My Product List will detail all the products I use and my personal review on the products.

Step 1: Assessing

I have assessed my hair, to allow me to set realistic goals to promote my hair growth.

During my analysation I concentrated on areas of concern, areas that had visible signs of damage or areas which would require me to focus more on.


  • Thinning Sections (hair line/right side of head) 
  • Retaining length 

Step 2: Planning

Now that I am aware of my problem areas, I can now devise a plan of action, and consider what may have been the cause.

What May Have Contributed to problem areas:


  • Heat – Can effect Retaining length
  • Previous damage due to heat and excessive pulling during a weave, contributed to thinning sections 

New attitude towards what may have contributed to damage:


  • No more heat!! I did minimise my heat intake to 3 times a month, however since the ending of April I no longer use a blow-dryer. I now Air Dry my hair.
  • Comb Hair only when necessary- this will prevent extra hair falling out, I now only comb my hair when necessary with a wide tooth shower comb, to minimise the amount of pulling.
  • T444z- I do use this product on my sides and to grease my scalp, I massage it in, I only grease my scalp when necessary, overdoing it can block the pores on your scalp

Step 3: Weekly Washing Routine

  • Pre-Poo (pre-shampoo treatment) – you can use an oil+ conditioner, only conditioner or only oil. I use my Moroccan Argan Oil, Hydrating Sleek conditioner and Coconut oil or Almond oil. Mix them together, put it on the roots of my hair and the ends using a hair application brush, then I cover it with a plastic cap for an 1hr or sometimes 2hrs. It is safe to leave it in over night depending on your time and hair, what ever you choose I would advise leaving it in for a minimum of 30mins with a plastic cap, then proceed to washing.
  • Shampoo- I use Moroccan Argan Oil Hydrating Sleek Shampoo, it is sulfate and paraben free, after washing hair with a gentle shampoo I  move on too deep conditioning my hair.
  • Deep Conditioner– I towel dry my hair, comb it with a wide tooth shower comb, section it in 4,then apply DOO GRO Mega Thick Intense Repair, Rebuilding Thickening Treatment + Moroccan Argan Oil Hydrating Sleek Healing Oil Treatment(2 tea spoons)+ Coconut Oil (1 spoon) . From roots to ends. I may apply garlic if I shed a lot more than usually, leave it on for 1hr and wash it out
  • Air Dry- So after washing out the deep conditioner, I towel dry hair and then add my leave in conditioner Organic oil Leave in conditioner or Macadamia nourishin leave-in cream 
  • Moisturise and Seal– when my hair is dry I moistures and seal my hair with olive oil moisturizing hair lotion to moisturise and then I apply my coconut or almond oil after to seal my hair, I make sure I do my ends too!
  • T444z- after moisturising and sealing my hair I add my hair food to my scalp and problem area


Monthly Washing Routine

I do a protein treatment as often as I need it, this is just usually once a month.

Ingredients: egg, honey, almond oil(1 tea spoon) coconut oil(1 tea spoon) and garlic


I mix all the ingredient together and apply it to my hair using a hair application brush and leave in for 1-2hrs. I then do all the steps that I do during my weekly hair wash excluding a deep condition, instead of doing a deep conditioning treatment I just use my  Hydrating Sleek conditioner after washing my hair with shampoo and leave it in for 3-5minutes then wash it out.


Step 4- Daily Night Action

  • Moisturise and Seal – I moisturize and seal my hair every night or every 2 days with olive oil moisturizing hair lotion(moisturise) and coconut oil(seal)


step 5- Supporting your hair goals (Nutrition)

  • Drink a lot of water
  • daily multi-vitamins
  • omega 3 
  • Biotin ( I had to stop my biotin challenge for a while, Find out why on the My Products List)


This is my new hair regimen, I will show updates of my hair every 2-3 months and after a relaxer just to show you my progress, thank you for readying my hair journey!!

It doesn’t end here so stay tuned for more updates on my hair on My Regimen Update page.


Stay Tuned to My Product List Page, where I will update all the products I use, any new hair products that I will use and the supplements I take to promote my  hair growth, I will be recommending my top products but finding out what works for your own hair is by trial and error.

I will also be sharing some valuable hair saving tips!! 

We have to take care of our natural hair ladies, it adds on to our beauty!! Its your glory! and that is what the Lord says.


Click here to be directed to My Product List

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