Learn from others the good they do & take good advice on board. Don’t attempt to be like anyone else or try to be better than somebody because you have been uniquely created, perfectly designed to be the best version of you.

Love Miss Ama

Hey, I’m Ama & My Blog will give you an insight into my journey in becoming the most amazing version of me. I’m in my youthful twenties, Born & Bred in London City of Ghanaian ethnicity.

Follow me, whilst I capture my fitness challenges, explore tasty food recipes and post my reviews on beauty products [I am a huge product junkie] & Sharing words of encouragement.

Although most of my post will focus on how to grow beautiful, luscious hair, mainly because I feel growing up, Afro- textured hair has been widely misunderstood. I would like to confront all these myths by proving the fact that Afro-textured hair can grow with care, patience & time & I would love to be an example.

Besides being a bit of a chatter box I dream. I think. I write. I inspire. I motivate. I empower. I challenge. I love. I laugh. I smile. I cry EAT. I celebrate. I Make Mistakes. I learn. I experience Life & its four season. I am Ms. Ama. I can show you better than I can tell you. Welcome to my world.

Love Miss Ama

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