Quick Hair Update!!

So 2 months ago, I was flying out so I thought to myself let me go to the hairdressers to do a sew in. Yes, I do usually do my hair myself, but I liked the thought of letting a “professional” do my hair only because I was going abroad. Plus this hairdresser was recommended to me by a friend.

Bad Idea!! even though I told her to make my cornrows loose somehow it still managed to pull out my front hair, 2 weeks in to my holiday I noticed I had gone bald at the front of my hair.

Can you Imagine!!!??!!?!??  I was really really annoyed.

I ended up taking out the sew in, and making a lace wig .

hand made Brazilian wig cap with lace closure
The hand made Brazilian wig cap lace closure that I made.
PicCollage (17)
me with wig cap on

So that I can nurture my hair back to health again. The sew in was a bad idea, I even ended cutting some of my hair, whilst cutting the thread. so when I took out the cornrows a lot of my own hair came out. I almost fainted.

so I’m back at square one!!!!

I am slyly thinking of transitioning back to natural hair.

In the meantime I’m concentrating on growing back my hair line. I made some hair food that I use to massage into my scalp daily. Hopefully it will grow back in no time!!!

Love Miss Ama x

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