My Hair Just Doesn’t Grow – Retaining Length, Pt 3 No Moisture?

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Growing up I would always hear that putting water directly on your hair was really bad for you. #Wrong . Shampooing your hair daily or weekly with harsh sulfates is bad for you.  However putting water on your hair daily is actually essential to promote hair growth and to retain length.

It is actually very good to keep your hair moisturized, and water is one of the best and cheapest way to actually aid this process.

An effective way to keep your hair moisturized is to also seal the hair shaft after moisturizing.

Why Is It Important To Moisturize your hair?

All hair needs moisture in order to survive. Would plants grow without the aid of moisture? NO! They would die! In the same way, if you are not moisturizing your hair, it will dry out and eventually break off. Unmoisturized hair may feel dry, coarse, and brittle. If it is difficult and hurts to comb the hair, and the hair breaks when you do comb it, this may be a sign that your hair needs moisture. Moisturized hair is elastic, has shine, is very soft to the touch, and is easy to manage.  Moisturized hair is healthy hair, and healthy hair grows strong! Proper moisturizing will ensure that your hair retains moisture for as long as possible. Here are some steps to moisturizing your hair

You moisturize and seal!!!!

The first step is to moisturize your hair with water or a water based moisturizer.  A water based moisturizer basically has water/aqua as its base ingredient. If water is not the first ingredient, the product will most likely not moisturize properly.

The second step is to seal your hair with a light coat of oil or a butter of your choice. Why?  Well, we all know that water evaporates. This is why Sealing the hair is just as important as moisturizing it. Sealing in your moisture will ensure that the water does not evaporate as quickly, and it can help leave your strands moist longer. On a molecular level, oils and butters are larger than water molecules and cannot penetrate the hair strands. By applying them to your hair after moisturizing, it creates a barrier that the water will be unable to easily get through, and will thus leave your hair moisturized longer. Some great natural oils to seal with are coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, and castor oil. Some favorite hair butters are Shea butter, cocoa butter and mango butter. If your hair is thin, fine, or gets easily weighed down, a butter may be too heavy for your hair. Just using an oil would work just fine.

Always Use Water/Moisture First!

Always moisturize before sealing! Don’t use oil or butter on dry, unmoisturized hair! This will block out any moisture and leave your hair even drier. Also, don’t moisturize without sealing, since the water can evaporate just as quickly as you put it in! Remember that oils and butters are NOT moisturizers. They should not be used on hair that isn’t moisturized.

Moisturize As Often As Your Hair Needs

Moisturize and seal your hair when it feels dry or brittle. This depends on your own hair and the products that you use. I moisturize and seal every night or every other night.


  • Moisturize and seal hair in sections, this promotes even distribution
  • When buying a product check the first 3 ingredients in the product this is because the first 3 ingredients are the most active ingredients in the product, e.g my olive oil moisturiser first three ingredients are: water, coconut oil and sorbitol (Sorbitol prevents moisture loss by pulling water by osmosis from the air) this way your actually getting the most from your product, if olive oil was the 9th ingredient, truth is I won’t be getting it in the hair! So not every product that contains a natural ingredient you rush and buy! It may contain it, and may not be effective! Check the ingredients!
  • Moisture support:  Humectants (glycerin, aloe, sorbital), Occlusive agents (Oils and butters) and emollients. Keep the moisture locked in!
  • Avoid Mineral Oils, Paraben and Silicons these do not penetrate into the hair shaft. They will just cause build up on your hair!

Stay tuned for My Hair Doesn’t Grow- Retaining Length Pt 4, OverUse of Chemicals !!!

Love Miss Ama x

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