My Hair Just Does not grow!!! Retaining length Pt 2 – Could it be due to heat?

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Whether your hair is chemically processed or natural, too much heat can hurt it. This pertains to daily heat abuse through the use of flat irons, curling irons or pressing combs etc. It also applies to high temperatures used even once, continuous use of hot irons and curlers will cause the ends of your hair to dry out and become brittle. Which will eventually lead  to split ends, with no way of repair other than being cut off.

Hair can and will burn if extremely hot tools are used on it and no amount of shampooing and conditioning is able to bring it back.


When your hair is just dry, even excessively so, you can work to get the moisture back in it. It may take a while (at least several weeks), but it can be done. However, damage is completely different. Once hair is fried past the point of no return, there really is no return to healthy hair. The only solution is to cut off the damaged hair. This can be painful to hear if you really want your hair to grow longer, but long hair that’s damaged won’t do anything for your look. Instead, just get rid of the damaged bits, start over and vow not to repeat the same mistakes.

If you have to really really really use heat . The best way to reduce heat damage is to firstly never straighten hair whilst its wet or damp this will fry your hair, it severely burns your hair and causes irreversible damage. My advice is to shampoo and condition your hair, then use some form of ‘heat defence’ hair spray or serum before any form of heat touches your hair

To reduce the chance of damaging your hair, towel dry your hair until it is just damp, not dripping wet, then blow dry your hair (preferably on a lower heat setting) until it is completely dry. Then heat style as you please.

Try not to heat style your hair everyday and certainly not more than once a day!


Choose a Retaining Length Method

  • You can choose to air dry your hair instead of the use of a blow dryer
  • Wrap your hair with a satin scarf before you sleep which will give you straight hair when you wake up
  • If you desire curls, then do plaits according to how you want the curls to come out I.E if you want wavy curls do 4 big loose plaits, if you want tighter curls do like 8 plaits
  • You can also use rollers/bendy rollers. Get a spray bottle with water inside and spray the hair lightly, air dry and you should have curls. When you take out the rollers just put two drops of your favorite oil on your hair  to add some shine and then your ready to go !!!
hair rollers
bendy rollers

wrong growth

Stay tuned for My Hair Just Doesn’t Grow!!! Retaining Length Pt 3 -No Moisture? Where I will be discussing the importance of moisture and how to moisturise and seal your hair effectively!!!

Love Miss Ama x

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